Friday, April 10, 2009


myFabFabrics opened shop about 8 weeks ago! The first post is a copy of the April newsletter I sent out to my friends and family yesterday. I want to make the newsletter a monthly event.


Starting a business is not easy! Here's a brief introduction to the business, the partnership, and me!

My name is Kasey. I'm a 22 year old college student, waitress, math tutor, and puppy lover! My partner is Amber. We'll both post from time to time and sign our name so you know whose voice you're reading.

Amber had the vision of opening a fabric shop on Etsy! She lead the way, and I followed. In the beginning I was lost; however, I have grown to LOVE and APPRECIATE fabrics of all kinds. But not just fabric! Being a part of the Etsy community has reminded and inspired the craftiness in me!!

I find the trickiest part in owning a business and selling a product is PROMOTING! I've read quite a few blogs that gave me some good ideas about how to promote specifically on Etsy! I read Wings of Love and another person that I can't find to give credit to... sOrry!! The title of the blog was "77 Ways to Increase Sales". Well, that blog was cool and talked about Google Analytics which was awesome so thanks! I've been making my way into the Etsy chat rooms and trying to create and respond on the Etsy forums. My next stop is to search for local crafting or sewing groups and persuade them to buy some fabrics. I mean, I drive a Scion xB... we could have a mobile fabric shop...

Overall, I'm enjoying the business. It's hard! We find our biggest competitor to have over 700 bolts of fabric. Do you really want to know their name? okay, okay... their Etsy username is FabricSupplies. We're envious of them and strive to be like them!

More to come soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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