Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kasey and Me

Kasey and I have been working at the same hamburger restaurant for nearly six years! That's a lot of burgers. We've gotten to be close as time has gone by and I like to call her my kids FAIRY GODMOTHER. She is THE best! Through all this time at the restaurant we knew there was something bigger out there. We needed more creativity than we were getting taking orders and delivering food.
Kasey is about to graduate college! She is a hard worker and juggles a lot. She has 2 puppies that she may as well have had in the womb! She treats them so well and loves them with all her heart. She has an awesome boyfriend and I secretly {or not so secretly} want them to get married! And my little Leila needs to be a flower girl! She is unwaveringly caring and giving. And my whole family just loves her! She make the cutest tags and sells twine at her own Etsy shop.

I am a crazy mother of two! Leila{4} and Shane{2}. I've been married for six years and have also worked at said hamburger restaurant two years prior to meeting Kasey! I also teach dance class. I hail from Boise, Idaho but have lived here in SoCal for about eight years. I moved out here to go to a dance performing arts center. I have a variety of things in my shop but, mostly I sell bakers twine in my shop. I want to have more time to make more for it!

We both craved a change in our job/lives. After trips to the fabric district in LA and both having our own Etsy shops, we decided fabric was a great way to go. We love the process of picking out the fabric and pairing up different sets. It's really a fun gig for us! Let me tell you how tempting and inspiring it is to have so much beautiful fabric around too! I may need more hours in my day to sew!

And while we are both plugging away with life, school. family and of course HAMBURGERS we hope we can turn this passion into something extra special. We so appreciate all the wonderful feedback and sweet people we have met so far. It's so fun to see what people have made and look at shops when people order. Etsy really is the place to be!

Welcome to our journey! We hope it's a great one!

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