Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something Sad

I found out a couple months ago that Amber and her family might move to Idaho in pursuit of a better job. Even though I knew this might be coming I went on and acted as if it wasn't. Well, last week AMber told me it was official and she was moving in a few weeks! Ah! I was so sad.

...Sad for so many reasons. Firstly, she's an amazing, creative friend and I will miss her around. Amber introduced me to the Etsy world and her work inspires me to be creative! I will always be thankful for that. Secondly, I will miss her kiddies so much! Kids grow so quickly. Their personalities take interesting turns as well as their growth and appearance! Ahh... Lastly, I am feeling a little lost without her for a business partner. There's less spunk in the fabrics... the fabrics are sad too! Instead of travelling they are confined to my room!

I will continue from here selling fabrics all alone! It's not the end of the world... Amber is just around the corner (across many states) and I know she will be around for advice but it's not the same. We'll see what happens from here...

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on starting your own etsy fabric store! It looks like things are coming along just great! I am sorry to hear about your partner leaving, that is always hard. I love your fabric choices and I will definately be ordering soon. I have always wanted to start a fabric store on etsy. It looks like so much fun matching the colors and patterns together and it seems like fabric stores on here get so many sales!! I started my etsy shop http://justaddcolor.etsy.com a month or so ago and I find it hard to get my name out there. any ideas?