Friday, April 10, 2009


Amber and I live about 10 miles away from each other. The fabrics have two homes. Sometimes they're with me and sometimes they're with her. We usually exchange fabrics at work. (We're both servers at Islands Restaurants.) Right now I have all the fabrics and supplies. Here are a couple of pictures so you can see what my working station is like! Below is my desk with the rotary mat, ruler, cutter, scale, and various packaging materials.
We have been including Baker's Twine as a free gift!! There are so many uses for this crafty product. Amber and I both sell the twine on our individual Etsy shops as well. I stole the idea from her... *shrug* She rocks, what can i say?
Our fabric started off in a giant Tupperware container...
... but has now graduated to this giant kitchen cabinet thing that I bought from IKEA!

And it just dawned on my that I never included a link to the Esty shop... or did I? uHm.. probably not... PLEASE check us out at HERE!!!! ;) Thanks so much!

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