Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Home

... Please don't hate me! I know I promised myself a new inspired fabric shop owner.. and in some ways I have failed; HOWEVER, in many other ways... I've succeeded!

I just finished moving! Yes! Finally I have my own house! It's so much work and I'm super stressed about 90% of the time, yet the other 10% I am blissfully, sickeningly happy!

The fabric/crafting area occupies the dining room of my house! We don't have a dining table, chairs, china, or money!!! so... the fabrics have a lovely home now

Sorry, I know the picture isn't the greatest... but let me continue! The festival that I took the fabrics to was not the best in terms of profit, but it was great in terms of me creating packaging supplies for the fabric!

Isn't the collection growing?!?!?! I am awaiting a few bolts from David Walker. His "Oh Boy!" collection is adorable!

I'm totally in love with this desk that I got for free! It's so awesome! And I also love these plastic drawers! It feels good to be totally organized!

And I just have to share the view from my work station!! I have a pond in my backyard with fishys and water lilys! Ah! I'm in love here!

I wish you all happy days! I've never been so stressed yet so happy at the same time, but I wouldn't change a thing!

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