Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tips for sewing first time

Well, yesterday I began sewing my first project. Check it out here. I'm using this fabric from my Etsy shop. Since I just moved out on my own I'm trying to learn as much as I can about how to take care of my boyfriend and me... and of course, the dogs. I've been learning new recipes, dog-proofing the backyard, and now... sewing! Here are some things I discovered about my adventure yesterday:

1. Read all directions before you start! (yeah... me... not so much!)

2. Make sure you have all supplies before starting. There's nothing like getting head over heels into a project and then realizing you have to drive to Joannes or Michael and ruin your flow!

3. Pin patiently! I hate pinning!!!

4. A good iron is one of your best friends!

5. It's okay to experiment and try new things!!! For example, the PDF pattern calls for fusible interfacing. FIRST of all... I had no idea what interfacing was... SECONDLY, I snagged some suggested interfacing from my roommate and after I cut all the pieces I realized it wasn't fusible!! Well, I just sewed the interfacing and the exterior fabrics together and it turned out just dandy! ... Well, it's partially dandy because I'm not finished yet!

6. If you're stressed out while sewing you might be doing something wrong! I found sewing to be very therapeutic. Brother and I are becoming better friends!

7. Wash all fabrics before starting... especially if not all fabrics are the same material (ie, cotton, polyester, acrylic, etc)

These are my tips for beginners. I hope it sheds some perspective if you are panning on starting the sew!

By the way, I am so excited my favorite magazine subscription finally kicked in! I'm in love with the ideas and creativity in Real Simple!

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