Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday's FAB deals!

It's that time again!!! Here are the deals for today (8/23):

:: Amy Butler's Sweet Jasmine in Brown $5.50 per yard
:: Sandi Henderson's Vintage Cherries in Red $5.50 per yard
:: Jenean Morrison's Miranda in White $5.00 per yard

On a side note... my boyfriend cut up all his old Army uniforms and is creating a quilt out of it! He has made friends with Brother (the sewing machine) and is sewing away as I blog! haha! I will post a picture when he's done. Is anyone interested in military scraps?! I can post a scrap pack!

Next Sunday I'm hosting a puppy play date/potluck lunch for my birthday! I can't wait to post pictures! It's also my doggie's birthday! No joke! We have the same birthday! (8/30)

Happy shopping! Take advantage of those FAB deals. Oh! And by next month I should have some AWESOME fabrics coming from Alexander Henry and Michael Miller!

1 comment:

  1. Nice selection of fabrics and a great price. You bf's military quilt should be interesting. Am looking forward to seeing it on your blog.