Monday, August 17, 2009

Results from Sunday Etsy shopping :]

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Etsy thread! I had a really fun time with it! I was introduced to many amazing shops with extremely talented creators! Here are a few of my fav items that I saw:

**From left to right**

1. Unscented Soy Massage Candle from ChickSratch - After you burn this candle, the wax can be used as massage oil! Super cool!

2. Sakuramochi earrings from TheMossGarden- I love cherry blossom! They are adorable and smell delightful as well. (On a side note... my new obsession is with bath goods from LUSH. Bath bombs and bath melts are truly AMAZING!)

3. Best Friends Forever Sandwich pendant from closetoyourheart - My boyfriend and I love sandwiches so I was thinking of making these into keychains

4. Patty from TackledandShackled - I mean... didn't you see my puppy? I love Dachshund everything!

5. Posy Hair Clip from Nicabee - I love the orangesicle color! Plus, nicabee has supported me in the past with fabric purchases! Thanks!

6. Lace Jabot from WindyHillFibers - I think this looks so elegant and kind of old fashioned! This is something that would make me look sophisticated!

I did look through everyone's shop! There were about 40 responses! I will also be taking time to go through everyone's blog as well and become a follower!

In the end I purchased this beauty:I do not believe I have EVER bought a hat for myself! SewCuteShop is going to custom make me this hat from Joel Dewberry's Meadow Lace fabric! I'm so excited. I can picture myself sitting in my backyard watching the dogs prance around the yard while sitting in my beach chair! That's right... beach chair... We cannot afford real patio furniture!

I also have a soft spot in my heart from SewCuteShop because she is the first person to feature my fabrics in her shop! Thanks so much! I was so thrilled when I saw that!

Have a FAB day! Be sure to check out the Sunday deals each week! I will post the deals on Saturday in order to give you a little heads up!


  1. Ack! What a surprise to see my Sakuramochi earrings here - thanks so much for including them with all those other great pieces!

    Your hat is super cute too!

  2. Cool hat... beach chairs are the best ;-)

  3. That is one lovely hat. Your shopping /promotion post is a wonderful idea. You have done a great thing by doing this. A+++