Saturday, July 18, 2009

Selling Fabric Tomorrow

I've been invited to Obon at the Pasadena Buddhist Church to sell the fabrics tomorrow! Obon is a Japanese festival that celebrates the memories of the dead. I'm loading up all the fabrics and I will selling fabric at an actual site (as opposed to online)! I'm really excited for this opportunity. I hope the people at the festival will like the fabrics from my shop! I bought some gift bags for the fabric and I'm working on a logo right now. I'm making a mental checklist of things I need to bring:


2. cutting supplies [rotary mat, ruler, rotary cutter]

3. packaging supplies [gift bags, tissue paper, twine, tape, business cards]

4. calculator

5. a bank

6. camera [I HAVE to document this event!!]

I think that's good for now... I'm EXCITED!!

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