Thursday, October 1, 2009


Whoa! I was re-reading my previous entry and was overwhelmed by TYPOS! Sorry about that! It's unacceptable from a future teacher, grammar loving, wanna-be-perfectionist to have multiple typos!

So so so so many things on my mind!

1. I did it! I made madelines and they're quiet yummy! The only set back... I was short on Vanilla extract but found an interesting substitute... MAPLE SYRUP!

2. I bought a cupcake book from Martha Stewart. I'm going to be ambitious and try to make tiramisu cupcakes, madelines, and raspberry sorbet for my brother's dinner party!

3. There were A LOT of lame people at work today! I'll spare you the annoying server stories. I'm trying to leave work at work and not take home any baggage.... haha.. riiiiiiight!

4. My boyfriend is leaving Saturday for a cike ride from San Francisco to LA. It's 7 days and it's going to be exhausting for him... anywhere from 70-90 miles per day! I'm talking bicycle here... not motorcycle. I bought him a whole bunch of GU and energy boosting stuff! I hope it helps!

5. I just received the doggie sack from ChillyPaws!

I'm making buffalo wings for dinner! YUM! Here's how I make it:

:: Toss chicken wings in vegetable oil, garlic salt, and pepper
:: Bake in oven at 400 degrees (till cooked through and slightly browned)
:: For the last 10-15 min I turn the oven to broil
:: In a sauce pan melt butter and combine with Franks Hot Sauce
:: Toss wings in sauce!

Yummy Yummy!!! I eat them with white rice and tonight we'll probably have some grilled corn on the cob!

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