Friday, October 2, 2009

Serving story of the day

Let me just say...

It's obvious that if you complain about your meal, you're fishing for free food. Today I served an older, single lady. She sat down, ordered, and started eating her meal. When I checked up on her she said everything was fine. About 10 minutes later everything was still fine. When she ate 9/10 of her salad she says, "I've been here at least 20 times and this is the only time I am highly dissatisfied! The salad is so overdressed I can't taste anything but blue cheese!" I apologized, asked her if I could bring out anything else, and told her I'd let the manager know.

She then said, "No, no, no. I happen to adore your manager and this is not his fault! This is feedback for you and whoever made the salad!" She had an annoying arrogance about her. I mean... how is telling me the salad sucks going to fix anything is I don't tell the manager???? Well, I told the manager and he talked to her....

He said she didn't want a free meal and she wasn't complaining to get free food (yeah right! The manager gave her a card for a free meal next time she comes back and she accepted it!) When I went back to the table she said, "You shouldn't have told the manager!!! You really embarrassed me!"


I don't know what to say about that. If you complain... you probably want someone to fix the problem... Don't be annoying like her when you eat out!

On a completely different note, my brother's dinner party was yummy yummy! I ended up making Madelines, Chocolate Chip cupcakes, and Raspberry Sorbet!

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