Sunday, October 18, 2009


First of all, I LOVE the [[HUGS]]!! Thanks friends! Special thanks to Liberty to helped me get a move on this morning!

My boyfriend was presented with this amazing job opportunity. Basically he will be getting paid to travel all over the world and learn how to run a very profitable business. Bad news, he will be living in Fresno for the first 2 years (which is 3 hours away from me) and a bulk of that time will be spent out of the country. His first trip is to Japan for 3 weeks in December.

This is a great opportunity for him! He's been waiting for this family friend to call him for over a year with this job offer. I have to let him go. It wouldn't be fair otherwise. Growing up I have had family and ex-boyfriends drag me down and tell me I couldn't do the things I wanted to do. I've had family tell me that my dreams and goals were worthless and I needed new ones. I will never allow this to happen to anyone else... ever! I'm giving my boyfriend the push to take this job so he can be happy and hopefully secure our future financially. It's a big leap for us. It means us being together probably only a few days a month (not more than 7 days most likely).

This means...
:: cooking for one
:: dog walks by myself
:: an empty bed
:: no one to help wash the top of my car
:: no one to go to the grocery store when I forgot something
:: no one to cuddle with
:: no good night kisses
:: no one to visit me at work when I'm at the end of my sanity
:: no breakfast in bed

The bright side...
:: laundry for one
:: the doggies will be in the bed
(that's all I have for now)

It's an adjustment. He will probably move by the end of November which doesn't give us much time. I can't move up there with him... at least, not yet. My family and friends are here. We just moved and have the world's best roommates. My job is here. And I have some friends that really need all the support in the world and I will not abandon them!

Anyhow, fabric deals for today!!!
Sunday (10/18)
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Sorry! I tried to upload pictures but it keep says "error" Dang you Blogger!

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  1. I will send you MORE {hugs}!! My hubby and I lived apart for a year before we got married and another 3 months after we got married. It is very hard, but it CAN be done!! Your boyfriend is so very fortunate to have a supportive girlfriend such as yourself.

    Thanks for the great fabric deals! You know I love them!