Saturday, September 26, 2009

When eating in a restaurant...

... PLEASE be nice to your server! Chances are, if you're courteous to your server, your server will have a pleasant disposition. I have worked in the restaurant industry for the past 6+ years. I've been a host, expo, takeout, server, trainer, assistant manager-like employee... and let me tell you... it's not always so easy. And contrary to what a lot of people think... We're not all stupid! Do not talk to your server extra slow with extra careful pronunciation. We get it! haha.. at least most of us. Please be nice to us and if we're a good person... you will be taken care of!

There... that's my rant! One last thing.. if you think your server really deserves less than 15%, I think you should mention why. OKAY, here are today's FAB deals!

Today's Fab deals (9/27)
:: Amy Butler's Martini in Blush $5.50 per yard
:: Amy Butler's Temple Garland in Pink $5.50 per yard
:: Jason Yenter Floragraphix IV purple $5.00 per yard

Happy Shopping!


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments about my littlest guy!! I LOVE your fabrics as well!! :))

  2. Amen! I waitressed in college and grad school. Thanks for stopping by my blog and so happy to see you're a fabric lover too! Let me know if you want to write a guest post on fabrics/sewing or have a review/feature. Hugs :-)

  3. I agree I worked as a serve for a while though I didn't make any tips even if we can't really afford a tip we leave one anyways.

    Following your blog now.
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