Thursday, September 10, 2009

The BEST day

Today started off super stressful! You know those days where you wake up and say... I can do all these things before work" ... and then it all blows up in your face? That was me!

Sunday my boyfriend and I are hosting a house warming party. It's the first big gathering in our new house. It's the first time EVER I am buying and preparing food for everyone. It's the first time my family will meet my boyfriend's family. It's kinda a HUGE deal.

The house needs some tidying... I'm still in the process of scrubbing the grout... (Almost Precious... I bought Zep from Home Depot.. it's amazing! Thank you so much!!!) ... I need to wash all the guest towels, sheets, pillow cases. The yard needs tons of work... I need to still buy all the food... the list goes on and on...

Well, while I was doing laundry this morning... the dryer DIED! I went to work in wet pants and socks! I was suppose to take a test at work... I didn't study for it. It turns around here...

My SUN HAT came today and I am in love! I wore it for about 3 hours and go quite a few stares while I was driving. SewCuteShop did an AMAZING job! The last 2 bolts of David Walker fabric came today! I went to my parents' house to finish my laundry which saves me money on water and gas!!! People are grabbing the FabFabrics button for their blog and it makes me so happy!! My boyfriend is going to be on the Military Discovery channel tonight! I'm skipping Project Runway to watch him in action... he should be amazed at this!

Can anyone give me tips on hosting a GIVEAWAY? This is my next task!

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