Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Books Books Books

So when I said I had A LOT of books in the garage... I meant A LOT... Take a look. The line of books in the front acted as a barrier for my puppies. They sit in the garage with my while I sort through this mess!

I've been practicing sewing with Brother (I named my sewing machine Brother). We've been making a lot of pillow cases! My real brother, Michael, used to have a comforter with a houndstooth black and white print. I always thought it was so ugly, but he loved it. A little bit ago a saw Paula Prass' Houndstooth material and bought a bolt of it so I could make Michael something. I made him pillowcases! haha :] Simple, yet unique, I know he will be excited for them. I'm also making my boyfriend a pillow case out of this fabric. He chose it! How cute is he?

I've been practicing sewing a lot because soon MyFabFabrics is going to sell handmade goods such as bags and blankets. My roommate has agreed to help with the sewing. He's a sewing master and I'm a beginner. At first I will probably end up cutting and pinning while he sews... but we'll see.

Between 2 jobs, the fabrics, the books, and the puppies... I'm short on time. Boyfriend has the morning off so we're going to watch Grey's Anatomy for a little bit! yay!

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  1. I LOVE the houndstooth! You will be a fabulous seamstress... you have such great taste in fabrics. Good luck with the books!